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Daily summaries to stay updated.

Meet your daily YouTube summary bot. It watches your favorite channels for you, sending you morning email briefings with key points from their videos.

Start for free with one channel you love!

Spend minutes

not hours



Stay always



What is Links&Briefs?

Our service provides a personalized experience for users who want to save time and receive content that interests them. We believe that everyone should have access to quality content without having to waste time searching for it. That's why we created Links&Briefs, the ultimate YouTube companion.

3 Steps to start: 

Input Your Info – Enter the name of your favorite YouTube channel and your email.

Check Your Emai – Starting from the next morning you will receive daily your summaries!

Go Unlimited (optional) – Choose choose as many channels  as you love, change them anytime.

Some Of The Most Common Use Cases

Use Case 1: Channels sharing structured content like "5 Steps to Productivity" or "10 Steps for Content Marketing" are getting transformed into summaries. Users get the full list of steps quickly without watching the entire video.

ex. Ali Abdaal

Use Case 2: General knowledge channels, be it Y-Combinator sessions or TED talks, are being boiled down to their essence. People seem to appreciate capturing the core message in less time...who knew!?

ex. TEDx Talks

Use Case 3: Noticed a trend among news enthusiasts and micro journalists. They're turning comprehensive coverage from CNN, ABC NEWS, and the like into digestible formats. Instead of 3 hours, they get the gist in about 10 minutes.

ex. ABC News

Choose Your Plan

  1. Daily Digests – Receive an email once a day with summaries from your selected channels.

  2. Curated Content – We focus on the newest uploads, ensuring you're always up-to-date.

  3. Save Time – Spend minutes, not hours, keeping up with your favorite content.

Unlimited Plan


Every minute counts. Choose our plan for unlimited channels and daily video briefings straight to your inbox.

  • Unlimited channels

  • Unlimited Video Hours

  • Premium support

  • 30 days money back 


Get Ready to Save Time and Enjoy Curated Content With Links&Briefs

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